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Flight of the Akero

the book of milo

“...In the end, all your legends, your fables, your fantasies, they are all one story.  One tale told by different tellers.  One song sung by different singers.  And all of them are a lie, born to hide a greater truth.  Just as this one will become, when your part in it is done.” 

It's the first day of summer. No alarm clocks. No school. No homework. After nine long months of unrelenting torture, Milo can finally do what he's been dreaming of all year... absolutely nothing.  With his door closed and his room dark, Milo can finally shut out the noise and hide from the world.  Unfortunately for Milo, the world has other plans for him. 

As lonely and disconnected Milo Wolfe embarks on an unexpected journey to find a father he’s never met, Milo will learn that nothing in his world is as it appears.  And no one can be trusted, not the dead Russian wizard who dominates his dreams, not the mysterious green-eyed teen who seems to be stalking him, not even himself. 

Described as, “A subversively comic, action packed, quirky, coming of age, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy adventure for young adults and adults who still think of themselves as young adults”, Douglas Lieblein, one of the writers and Executive Producers of Hannah Montana and Life With Boys, has created a debut novel full of unorthodox adventures, shocking surprises and a controversial hypothesis regarding humanity’s symbiotic relationship with myth and the supernatural. 

If you’re a fan of the Artemis Fowl series, read it again.  It’s really good.  Then after you’re done, if you’ve got nothing to do, read this book.  There are dragons and wizards and angels and stuff in it, so, you know, it’s pretty cool.